Vama22.ro is a showcase website for an intimate and unique accommodation in Vama Veche resort, newly opened in May 2022, at about 200 m from the beach.

On the website, users can complete the form for checking the availability the rooms of the unit in question. Users can also find out all the necessary information there should be known about facilities of the unit, they can check out the pictures from the accommodation and can call or send a message on whatsapp, being permanently one click away from the host.


Viatafaraviolenta.ro is a showcase website for the „Viaţa fără Violenţă” (Life without Violence) Association.

The „Viaţa fără Violenţă” project aims to develop and adopt a strategy to prevent and combat violence in schools at national level.

The website has a generous archive of the Association’s events, forms to complete in order for users to get involved in this project, a contact area, photo and video galleries, but also a legal education manual for students, in pdf format that users can download or read directly in the pdf viewer available on homepage.


MihaelaOlaruBlog.ro is a blog of Ms. Av. Mihaela Olaru, which includes an archive of articles by Ms. and your guests. The blog also provides an entire archive of Mrs. Mihaela Olaru’s shows, among which we can mention: 6TV, Juridice.ro, A7TV, Trinitas TV, TVR.

There are also areas for news alert, promo alert, integration of archives from specific YouTube channels, photo gallery, video etc.

SecuLegal.ro & AndreeaSecu.ro

Secu Legal is a showcase website for a Romanian law firm, specialized in real estate law, that has also an integrated blog. They provide legal services to clients that mainly include real estate transactions in a broad sense (including preliminary legal analysis), real estate developments (including construction companies), urban planning and licensing litigation and consultancy, real estate project financing, rentals, concessions, expropriations, real estate claims, land book actions, etc.

Users can discover the existing contact form on the site to request opinions on various issues depending on the category they belong to. This functionality allows the law firm to have a preliminary filter, in order to be able to respond efficiently and punctually to those who need guidance.


Top-blat.ro is a showcase website for those that appreciate premium quartz countertops. The countertops are intended for bathrooms, kitchens, commercial spaces and much more. Premium composite quartz surfaces have hygienic, high-quality properties and are easy to maintain. The TOP BLAT team will make sure you get the countertop your home deserves.

Users can familiarize themselves with countertop prices, they can contact a TOP-BLAT consultant, and schedule an appointment just in time to make their dream of having a premium countertop come true.


BLATURIDEBUCĂTĂRII.RO is a showcase website for a company based in Bucharest that creates premium composite quartz countertops for kitchens, bathrooms and other interesting projects.

Users can discover the color palette from the offer that is available on the website. They can also discover the company’s portfolio and find out more information about their services. Also, a magical online calculator is available on the page of each countertop, which is an ideal functionality users can try out in oder to get an estimated cost of a composite quartz countertop that they like, depending on some default parameters.


Hexadent.ro is a showcase website with integrated blog of a dental office based in Iasi, which offers efficient dental services based on an optimal treatment plan, aiming for long-term results.

Users can discover more information about the services offered by Hexadent, they can interesting articles about various issues regarding dental care and more. Also, from the mobiles users can quickly call at this dental office and make an appointment or they can make their own appointment online by filling out the form available on the website. The website is bilingual, available in Romanian and English, to facilitate the access of foreigners from Iași to top dental services.


Underdogstation.tv is an online livestreaming platform (indie music television in Romania) for indie music lovers in RO.

The website is unique, giving artists visibility and a beautiful community growing in its terms and in need of excitement. Users constantly receive quality content, audio, video and the latest informations about the events they can participate in order to meet their favorite artists, or exclusive interviews with the artists, various experiences with a taste of philosophy and more.


Burotechnik.ro is a showcase website for a business with potential in the area of printing, consumables, service, spare parts, equipments and software solutions for an entire office. In this website, all services that Burotechnik can offer are presented in an attractive form.

There is also a generous online catalog of over 2000 consumable products for printers, with the possibility of ordering directly via WhatsApp for a specific product a user might need.


OFFICEJOY is a catalog showcase website for office products, stationery and more.

The website is a classic one, offering users the possibility to filter products according to certain criteria. Also, users can add products to the cart and can later on send the order directly via Whatsapp to be personalized, from the product page or from the cart.


PrezicatoreaMara. is a showcase website for a fortune teller, clairvoyant and healer. Users can discover more information about the services offered and its powers. Users can call the fortune teller via website. The website is bilingual, in Romanian and in English, in order to facilitate the access of foreigners to Seer Mara’s services.