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We create websites and other online experiences, that are both beautiful and functional.
We are constantly improving our web skills and delivering results in optimal parameters.

About us

We are passionate about web design and web development in WordPress.
We develop websites for our clients from all over the world, either for their business or personal brand. We offer quality solutions and services for beautiful projects with vision and potential.

We like to believe in the projects that we are working on.
Thus, we reserve the right to select our clients.

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Our services

Web design in WordPress

We love to create websites from scratch, in an accessible and intuitive format, due in a reasonable time, using the magic of WordPress and its features (plugins and page builders).

Custom requests

Whenever the plugins won't comply, we'll be happy to use our skills, may it be Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, in order to complete the specific tasks requested by the client.

SEO optimization

A little bit of SEO optimization didn't hurt any website so far, on the contrary. We will take good care of the specifications of SEO optimization, based on a detailed analysis for your site.

Responsive websites

Whether we are talking about presentation websites, blogs or online stores, we deliver responsive websites for ultrawide screens, desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phones.

Discover our latest projects is a showcase website for the „Viaţa fără Violenţă” (Life without Violence) Association.

The „Viaţa fără Violenţă” project aims to develop and adopt a strategy to prevent and combat violence in schools at national level.

The website has a generous archive of the Association’s events, forms to complete in order for users to get involved in this project, a contact area, photo and video galleries, but also a legal education manual for students, in pdf format that users can download or read directly in the pdf viewer available on homepage.

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